In Store Shopping

All items found in this collection are found in-store only. To purchase an item that is sold 'in-store' only during the Covid-lockdown;

  1. Call the store during business hours to place your order.
  2. Your shopping cart will be sent to you by email. Pay promptly.
  3. A receipt will be sent by email.
  4. Pickup curbside anytime during business hours, using your name and order number (found on receipt).
  5. Please call when you arrive and we will bring out your order, contactless & curbside.

289 830 8482
1380 Hopkins St. Unit 5 Whitby

Wed 10-5pm
Thurs 10-7pm
Fri 10-7pm
Sat 10-4pm
Sun/Mon/Tues - CLOSED

Closed all stat and civic holidays

*hours will increase when lockdown is lifted