Healthy Glow | DIY Natural Playdough Kit

  • These DIY kits are all natural and come in 100% compostable packaging that can be used to store the dough! Each kit comes with a cookie cutter to get the fun started. Just add oil and water and you're ready to create!

    Product Details:

    · All natural 
    · Vegan
    · Cookie cutter included
    · 100% compostable

    Ingredients: Unbleached Flour, Salt, Cream of Tartar, Natural colourant (spinach powder, rose clay, indigo powder)

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    2-4 days

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  • Hey, I'm Jenn. The maker behind Healthy Glow! I handcraft all natural, organic and vegan bath and body products, for infants to adults (and dogs as well). I run an eco-friendly, sustainable business by only using recyclable and compostable materials to package my products.

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    The Maker's Hub
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    Time Guarantee for Pick-up:
    2-4 days

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