We believe in the powerful combination of community and e-commerce. Our services are built on those beliefs, to serve the unique needs of our industry.

We understand what you need, because we're Makers just like you!

How Does it Work?

Listings are submitted and approved through an application process. We supply you with a 'Product Listing' form. Which we use to collect all the required information about your business, operations and product(s). You will be notified by email whether your application was successful or not.

Find the form link in 'Quick Resources' section.



Basic: $9.95/month +HST per listing

Listing creation, service requests, edits, ongoing maintenance, website & SEO’s management, promotion & driving traffic, communications.

Pro Plan Bundle: $49.95/month +HST per listing

1 product collection, a showcase, in-house stock storage, reduced processing fee (12%)

Unlimited: $200/month +HST per listing

Unlimited listings and pickups, a showcase, in-house stock storage, reduced processing fee (12%) and skip the line priority


Processing fee: 12-15% sales commission

monthly direct deposits, pickup service fees, detailed monthly reports, fulfillment, printing, processing fees, labour, printing, packaging, bookkeeping and USD conversion rates.


Payouts are the first Friday of the month by direct deposits.

Detailed sales reports are shared monthly the same week as deposits.


  • What can a listing include?

A listing is best considered a 'collection'. Listings can feature 1-10 different product variations within one single listing. Inventory levels are set by the seller.  The collection can be; semi-custom, non-custom, OOAK or personalized products.

  • Stock Storage

We offer monthly in house storage of ready-made products starting at $9.95/month.

Sellers can also sell out of their Showcase if they have one.

  • Turnaround Guarantee

Sellers pre-make their inventory or work made-to-order. The maximum turnaround allowed in the boutique is 14 days from order to drop off at The Maker's Hub.


How To Use


  • Register an account to access The Maker's Portal, www.themakershub.ca
  • Watch the 'Tutorials'
  • Use coupon code at checkout for scheduling pickups from the boutique orders. Coupon Code - SHOPIFY
  • Schedule pickups in the system before dropping off
Your Orders Must Include;


  1. Your business name (business card works)
  2. The customers name (first/last)
  3. Shopify Order #

NOTE: Free coupon code can only be used for your boutique sales. All other sales channels, the pickups must be paid for through cash or credits. When scheduling your boutique pickups, please have nothing else in your cart for the 100% discount coupon.


Here are 3 short tutorials to help guide you through how the pickup process works. These are great to get an overview of the process and see step-by-step what it looks like on the website.


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