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If you can spare a couple of mins, I’d love to introduce myself and business quickly. 

I'll drop the direct links to the application(s) here and again at the bottom of our story. 

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Cheryl (that’s me!), the owner, ran her own successful handmade business, for 5 years - Personally Papered. She opened The Maker’s Hub in 2017 with services unique for makers, bakers, and artisans. Since then, it’s become a thriving community to sell, grow, and connect.

Outstanding service, customer retention, and beautiful displays are everything to Cheryl! Her portfolio includes years of retail, social media management, and visual merchandising.

When it comes to pop-up markets, she has loads of experience. Ranging from participating, curating, and hosting markets since 2014.

Cheryl's an owner who's available and present. You'll see her in store, replying to texts, and emails. She writes all her own posts and emails. No AI and no outsourcing. It's important to her to stay connected.

Being a woman with ADHD, she loves being her own boss and growing her community. A community that values connections and celebrates women in business.

Having the freedom to be creative and make an impact are her motivation. A couple of strengths Cheryl’s known for are honesty and her capacity for resilience.

Our team at The Hub are all makers. We’re all women. And all passionate members of the handmade community ❤


The decision to send an invite to retail or pop-up with us is done using our brand standards (not by picking favourites). They’re mentioned in the forms below.


We’ll be in touch with all applicants whether you’re invited or not. If we don’t extend an invite, we’ll share with you why. This is not to be unkind. In fact, it’s the opposite. We’ve all been vendors too. Being ghosted or told we’re on a nonexistent wait list is disappointing and crappy. Our goal in everything we do is to show you respect and to support you. This is true even in our declines.



There are other ways to collaborate with us that don’t need application approval. For example, using our pickup service for your customers and renting our space to run a workshop.


We host maker focused seminars and community networking events too. If you’re interested in learning more, send us an email to let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

We recommend adding this address to your contacts list. That way we don't get junked or blocked when we email you.




Pleeease check there are no typos in your email when you fill out the form. Otherwise, we can't get in touch with you. And that’s a total bummer for both of us.


You'll hear from us in 7-10 business days (sometimes sooner...sometimes later).

Thanks for your interest! It means more than you know 🙏


Some of our retail display types and pricing are below.

Pop-up application click here 

Junior Pop-up application click here

Retail application click here

Live Shopping Show click here