Clarke Paper and Knife | Blue Jay - Birch Forest Paper Ornament | PICKUP ONLY

This handmade ornament is a beautiful addition to any Christmas Tree. Each one depicts a tiny blue jay perched on a branch in this crisp, white birch forest. There are 5 layers of hand cut paper birch trees that cast the most perfect shadows. The paper cutting is enclosed in a 80mm clear acrylic bauble with a simple white ribbon for hanging.
The ornament comes with a tag with the following inscription:
"The blue jay is a symbol of loyalty and solidarity with partners and loved ones. Their call is sharp and direct, and teaches us to speak up for ourselves and others. They are also, often the ones to raise the alarm when danger is near, alerting all the other birds in the forest. By watching and listening to these precocious birds, we can learn to use our voices and stand-up for ourselves and the rights of others. So overcome your shyness, speak your mind, and be bold like the blue jay."

Product Details:
  • size: 8cm globe
  • ribbon for hanging
  • box for gifting and storage

Materials: paper, clear acrylic, ribbon
Product Care: The bauble is resistant to breakage, but not unbreakable. Please handle with care.


Order fulfillment time guarantee: 3-5 days 
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