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Clarke Paper and Knife | Cardinal - Birch Forest Hand-cut Paper Ornament

This handmade ornament is a beautiful addition to any Christmas Tree. Each one depicts a tiny red cardinal perched on a branch in this crisp, white birch forest. There are 5 layers of hand cut paper birch trees that cast the most perfect shadows. The paper cutting is enclosed in an 80mm clear acrylic bauble with a simple white ribbon for hanging.

The ornament comes with a tag with the following inscription:

"This little forest holds a tiny bird with considerable meaning. Cardinals are often thought to be a representation of those we have lost, watching over us and bringing feelings of comfort and serenity. They are also thought to be bringers of good news and witnesses of changes in ones life. So when you see this little cardinal, or one sitting in a tree outside your home, think of those you have lost and know that they are watching out for you and waiting to see what amazing things you do next."

As these art pieces are hand made and the tree details are cut freehand no two are exactly alike. The bauble is resistant to breakage, but not unbreakable. Please handle with care.

Product Details:
  • size: 8cm globe
  • ribbon for hanging
  • clear acrylic bauble

Materials:card stock, ribbon, acrylic
Product Care: not recommended to be hung in a room with high moisture/humidity


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