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  • Phaw’s hair ties will quickly become your ‘go-to’ favourite hair ties. Not only do they look adorable in your hair, but on your wrist too. Bonus, these elastic ribbon ties won’t damage your hair or leave painful marks on your wrist. Fashion meets function with these ties!

    Product Details:

    · 2.5" approx.
    · Hair ties
    · Ribbon elastic
    · Accessories
    · Party favours

    Once you try Phaw's ties nothing else will compare!

    Time Guarantee for Pick-up: 1-2 days

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  • Hi Everyone! I’m Jen, the woman behind Phaw’s Boutqiue! I started my shop back in March of 2017. I work full time in the administrative world and this business gives me my “me” time and allows me to have a creative outlet. Phaw’s Boutique provides a creative and enjoyable hair accessory for all ages that are great for everyday uses or fun favour ideas for all occasions.

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    Time Guarantee for Pick-up:
    1-2 days

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