• Dark Horse Designs | Catalpa Gemstone and Brass Earrings

    These delicate and lightweight earrings are handmade using brass wire, charms, kidney-style ear wires and gemstone beads (6mm). 

    Accented with small faceted gold-plated Hematite beads, these little beauties are perfect for any occasion!

    Available in Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Carnelian or Jade.

    AMAZONITE - Named for the lush colours of the Amazon river and rainforests, this is a powerful heart & throat chakra stone that reminds us it's time for our voices to be heard. It teaches us to love the Truth of our inner selves and is an excellent manifestation tool.

    ROSE QUARTZ - The stone of Universal love. It helps us have more compassion and love for ourselves, so we can fully appreciate and embrace our unique gifts and talents. This self-love then empowers us to offer and extend that love to others in a balanced and unconditional way.

    CARNELIAN - An orange variety of chalcedony coloured by inclusions of iron oxide. It restores and stimulates vitality, creativity and motivation, supporting us in taking bold action to pursue our passions and creative endeavours. It promotes courage in making positive life choices and helps in trusting in ourselves and our perceptions.

    JADE - A protective stone which brings harmony and nurturing. It represents purity, serenity and the wisdom gathered in tranquility. Attracts good fortune and friendship.

    HEMATITE - a.k.a. haematite, is the mineral form of iron oxide. It has a grounding and protecting energy, strengthening our connection to the earth, and reinvigorating us with courage, endurance and vitality. It stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing both memory and original thought.

    Product Details:
    • Super Lightweight!
    • 2" length from the top of the ear wires
    • Ear wire clips together at the bottom, so you never lose them!
    Materials: Brass Wire, Brass Charms, Gemstone Beads, Gold-plated Hematite Beads, Kidney-style Ear Wires

    Product Care: Clean gently with soap and water. Sterilize with hydrogen peroxide.


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