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Feather and Fibres | Stained Glass Kayak | 229-0008

Proudly made in a solar powered studio in Utopia, Ontario, this stained glass kayak would hang equally well in a window or against a wall, depending on the effect you want.  It measures about 8 x 2.5 inches and is hung from a waxed cotton cord.

It is made with glass that is cut, ground, foiled, fluxed, soldered, patina'd, waxed, polished and finally hung!  The glass used in stained glass is handmade and may contain bubbles, wrinkles, lines and dents.  This is normal and part of what makes each piece one of a kind.

Care Instructions:  The metals and finishes used naturally oxidize over time (looks like white buildup).  Use a soft cloth to gently rub it off, and apply a light coat of car wax to the whole piece.  Once it has dried, buff off to restore its shine.  You can also use Pledge.
Caution: Fragile, handle with care.  Keep away from children, pets, and wash hands after handling, as solder lines contain lead. This causes minimal risk unless ingested or inhaled.

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