Handstaymped Designs | Silver Dainty Necklace Sets

  • These simple dainty necklace sets are great for every day wear. This set comes with a 16 inch plated chain and 17 inch chain with a pendant.

    Product Details:
    · set of 2
    · 16" plated chain
    · 17" chain with charm
    · layering necklaces
    · lightweight 

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  • Hello, my name is Taylor and I am the maker behind Handstaymped Designs. Throughout the day you can find me working full time as a high school math teacher and in the evenings once my little one goes to bed that's when my creativity is able to come to life. I love running my small shop as a creative outlet to bring you all the different pieces you see here! Your orders and kind words encourage me to continue my creative journey of growing this small shop ♥

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    Time Guarantee for Pick-up:  2-7 days

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    Have a question? Contact handstaymped.designs@gmail.com