Hodgson Artistries | Pinstripe Wrap | 105-7501

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Pinstrip Wrap

Go for the vintage look in this white wrap with black pinstripes. The romantic feel of the fabric and lace trim transports you back in time. Step into the 1920's with the vintage inspired trim. For the office layer this over a pencil skirt and blouse or dress pants. For a casual look pair with jeans and a tank top, perfect for hanging out at the coffee shop or on the patio.

Product Details:
·Material: 100% Polyester

·Size: On size fits all (fits sm-xl)
·Machine washable, lay flat or hang to dry.

All of our products are one-of-a-kind, handmade and may include imperfections in the material. We source our materials from local shops and upcycle old clothing. Some of our material may include marks or flaws from the manufacturing process of the fashion industry. These are kept to symbolize the strength women have to show their marks or flaws proudly, and to be their true selves.