Instagram Critiques for Makers

My Insta critiques are for makers who want an honest and friendly snapshot review of their Instagram.

There's nothing in my business that I love more than to help makers. That's why I'm offering snapshot reviews to help you with your entrepreneurial journey.

I was a maker myself for 5 years, an incredible journey that led me to open The Maker’s Hub. I’ve been running my own businesses and social media for over a decade. Valuable, real-life experience, that I want to share with you.

Here’s what I offer with this critique:

Focused, intentional time to review your unique handmade business. I will take a look at your Instagram. My feedback will be straightforward and specific. I promise to be respectful of you, your business, what you’ve accomplished, and where you are on your journey. I will be sensitive when delivering my critique. And always offer constructive suggestions to assist you.