• Instagram Review

    My Insta review is for makers who want honest and friendly help with their Instagram.

    As a maker I often felt alone and lost when it came to social media. It can be so overwhelming. In fact, I used to hate IG. That has all changed for me, but it's been a journey to get here 100%.

    That's the main reason I love sharing my 10+years experience. To help others have an easier, more successful (and enjoyable) relationship with IG that I used to.

    Here’s what I offer with this critique:

    Focused, intentional time to review your unique handmade business on IG. My feedback will be straightforward and specific. I promise to be respectful of you, your business, what you’ve accomplished, and where you are on your journey. I will be sensitive when delivering my critique. And always offer constructive suggestions to assist you in leveling up.