Knotted Intentions | Infinity Wrap Mala Bracelets

  • This gorgeous infinity style wrap bracelet is part of Knotted Intentions, Empowerment and Positivity Line. Each bracelet features a variety of gemstones with healing properties, meant to assist the wearer in achieving goals, and manifesting intentions.

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    Product Details:

    · 16-18" in length
    · Hand-knotted
    · Gemstone beads
    · Stretchy cord 
    · Been known to cause feelings of relaxation and tranquility 

    Finished product may not be exactly as pictured. As in, the stones may be in slightly different order, number, colouring, clarity.

    Time Guarantee for Pick-up: 10-14 days

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  • I’m Steph, intermediate teacher, and mama to two active and adventurous toddler boys. I started Knotted Intentions while on mat leave as my creative and mindfulness outlet. I adore creating pieces that are meaningful and powerful for each wearer. My pieces are made with an abundance of love, openness and intention.

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    Time Guarantee for Pick-up:
    10-14 days

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    All sales are final. Each piece is hand-knotted and cannot be undone, changed or fixed. Thank you for your understanding.

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