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Among Us & Imposter Paint Your Own Bath Bomb Kit

Double the fun with this kit.  You get to paint your own crew mate any colour you wish.  Once dried, you can place your crew mate into your tub and enjoy a bubbly good bath time.  This kit includes primary colours and provides a great colour mixing lessons for kids as they can mix the colours to create new ones.  Children will learn that yellow and blue mixed together makes green.

Variant 1: Among Us is scented in Watermelon Apricot a sweet and delicious pink watermelon with nuances of bright apricot and white florals.

Variant 2: Imposter is scented in a juicy fruit meldly of peach, strawberry, pineapple, coconut and orange blended with creamy vanilla and an exotic musk.

Product Details:
· Bath Bomb Net Weight: 135 g
· Contains 3 Cosmetic Safe Mica paint pots
· Includes 1 paint brush
· Instructions