NerDIYStudios | Baby Rose Dragon Toy

Whether you want to decorate or show off your love for dragons, the Baby Rose Dragon Toys are the perfect addition to your room or desk. The Rose dragon features gorgeous rose and rosebud details from head to tail! These articulating toys make great gifts for kids or anyone obsessed with dragons. They make a satisfying clacking sound when shaken, are very durable, and have the most adorable eyes to stare into!

Product Details:
  • 8" long
  • 3D Printed in matte pastel mist colours to highlight the subtle beauty of the roses.
  • Built to last, these toys are sturdy to shake, drop, and even throw around (to a point!) The thorns on the roses are sharp, please be careful.
  • Hand-painted eye details that sparkle and stare back at you lovingly.
Materials: Plastic Filament (PLA [Polylactic Acid] 

Product Care: Dust and wipe gently with a damp cloth. If you must wash, do so only with tepid to cool water and dry thoroughly. Repeated use of warm to hot water can cause warping and potential leakage.


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