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Bath Milk with Magnesium

Discover the secrets of soft hydrated skin with luxurious Bath Milk.  Provides replenished moisture to dry, itchy skin as well as soothing rashes, flakiness and bumps. Infused with magnesium to help replenish your body's needs and sea salt to soften skin. Use once per week or as often as needed.  Each bottle contain 8 oz.

Product Details:
· Loaded with Magnesium
· Soothing to burned or irritated skin
· Hydrates & softens dry skin
· Provides mild exfoliation due to lactic acid in milk
· Handcrafted in small batches

Blackberry Vanilla:
 Scented in a delicious mix of juicy blackberries and sweet vanilla phtalate free fragrance.  Also contains organic beet root and butterfly pea powder.

Vanilla Coconut:
 Scented in a delicious blend of sweet vanilla oil and toasted coconut phtalate free fragrance.  Also contains benzoin powder.

Lavender Lemon:
 Scented in a blend of herbacious lavender and crisp litsea cubeba essential oils.  Also contains organic turmeric powder.

Citrus Blast:
 Scented in a tangy blend of pink grapefruit, zesty lime, sweet tangerine and sour lemon phtalate free fragrance.  Also contains organic annatto powder

Spring Blossoms:
 Scented in a sweetly delicate floral blend of vanilla, geranium, rosewood ylang ylang essential oils with a small amount of magnolia and jasmine phtalate free fragrance.  Also contains beet root powder.

Green Apple Pear:
 Scented in a delicious blend of crisp green apple and juicy pear phtalate free fragrances.  Also contains organic spirulina powder.

Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, *cocos nucifera extract, avena sativa (oat) kernel flour, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, tapioca starch, kaolin, caprae lac (goat milk) powder, whole milk powder, titanium dioxide, *honey powder, parfum/fragrance (phtalate free), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, *safflower oil, *hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) water, polysorbate 80, *aloe barbadensis leaf extract, 
*=Certified organic ingredient

How to Use:
 Sprinkle desired amount into bath water and enjoy.  The more you add, the more "milky" the water will get milky white.