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Eco friendly shower steamer/soap saver trays go hand in hand with our scented therapeutic Shower Steamer tablets or to keep your solid shampoo bar dry between uses. 

To use for shower steamers, simply place a shower steamer in the centre of the tray, on the floor beside or in front of where you stand to shower, allow steamer to get wet and enjoy the wonderful aromatherapy! 

Each pieces is handcrafted using concrete and natural earth pigments.  Durable, versatile and elegant, these can also be used as soap savers to keep your soaps dry between uses

Product Details:
  • Handcrafted cement houseware
  • Eco-friendly home accessory
  • Versatile and colourful
  • Adds elegance & style to your bath decor
  • Made with natural eart pigment
How to Use: To maintain the integrity and beauty of the tray, rinse between uses and let dry naturally.  If using for shower steamers, keep dry and out of the shower between uses.  If using for shampoo bars, make sure the base of the tray isn't sitting in a puddle of water continuously or cement may deteriorate over time.


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