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    Are you consciously trying to make any changes in your life?
    Each dainty Quin Lin Bracelet has been hand made to help support you with a specific intention. These intention bracelets are a beautiful reminder of a promise you have made to yourself.

    Amazonite - Self Discovery
    Carnelian - Positivity & Optimism while Healing Old Wounds
    Lapis Lazuli - Calm & Loving Communication
    Mother of Pearl - Expressing Feelings of Love
    Sunstone - Achieve Your Dreams

    Product Details:

    · 9" long
    · Natural Stones
    · 100% Silk String
    · Weightless
    · Life Changing Intentions

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    2-4 days

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  • Hi, my name is Tara. I have named my shop after my two amazing boys. Becoming a Mother changed my life in ways I never could have expected. My two boys have brought intention and focus into my life. I started making these bracelets for myself as I was navigating many intentional changes in my life. I found when creating new habits and breaking old patterns it is helpful to have a beautiful physical reminder attached to my wrist as I carved out a new path in my life. I am so excited to share them with you and support the amazing journey you are on.

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    Time Guarantee for Pick-up:
    2-4 days

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    Quin Lin Bracelets accepts RETURNS and/or EXCHANGES within 5 days of delivery to The Maker’s Hub. All returns and/or exchanges will be arranged and processed by the seller. The Maker’s Hub will happily facilitate the exchange of product between the 2 parties. Please contact the seller directly with any concerns and/or requests regarding returns and/or exchanges.

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