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  • Pink Shirt Day is February 24th, pink t-shirts are in support of anti-bullying. 1 in 5 children will experience bullying during their childhood. We wear pink on February 24th to raise awareness.

    $2 from every purchase made will be donated to Grandview Kids in Oshawa

    Personalization: The seller will contact the buyer within 24hrs of purchase to confirm personalization. 

    Product Details:
    · small-3xl
    · adult unisex
    · 5 designs to select from
    · for larger sizing please reach out directly, raizdcrafting@outlook.com 
    · pink shade may vary between sizing based on availability

    Time Guarantee for Pick-up: 7-10 days 

    Have a question? Contact raizdcrafting@outlook.com

  • Hey all, I'm Amanda and I run Raiz'd Crafting! I'm a mom to an absolutely amazing 2 year old and work full time as a retail manager. I started Raiz'd Crafting from the love of arts and crafts instilled in me by my mom while growing up. I strive to put my all into each and every piece for you.

    Have a question? Contact raizdcrafting@outlook.com

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    Time Guarantee for Pick-up:  7-10 days

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    All sales are final. If you have any questions, please contact the seller directly.

    Have a question? Contact raizdcrafting@outlook.com

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