Simply Made With Love | g'day mate - Eat More Sprinkles T-Shirt - Collaboration #3 - Around the World

"g'day mate"

Eat More Sprinkles.I experienced Australia with a childhood friend, stayed in hostels, got on and off the bus from Carins to Sydney, rode horses in Bryons Bay, danced the night away, laughed, cried, met people from around the world, pet Koalas, saw Kangaroos, went to the racetrack and were PADI certified on the Great Barrier Reef where the sign language she taught me in science class came in handy under the water to enhance our communication. A trip of a lifetime.

Give a T-shirt to someone you care about, someone you connect with, someone you love!

Simply Made with Love is a collaboration of Life & Art. Image originally hand-sketched and painted. This petit painting is digitally rendered just for you!

Artist: Andrea Monzoni

Product Details:

  • T-shirt
  • Hand Painted image
  • Image pressed on shirts in Canada

Materials:100% cotton


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