Simply Made With Love | Love our World. Love Each Other Postcard. - Shirt - Collaboration #5 - Keep Love in Your Heart

"Love Our World. Love Each Other."


This petit painting was inspired after a drawing my daughter did in school for pink shirt day where she did a drawing of a world in a shape of a heart stating she would promise to be kind. Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and online. Pink Shirt Day aims to raise awareness of these issues, as well as raise funds to support programs that foster children’s healthy self-esteem.

Keep Love In Your Heart. Childhood memories or just plain love!

These started as childhood memories and unfolded into sending love in various forms. Something we can all use right now. Images that make us smile, feel or love a little bit more. 

Send a hand-written note to someone you care about, someone you connect with, someone you love!

Simply Made with Love is a collaboration of Life & Art. Image originally hand-sketched and painted. This petit painting is digitally rendered just for you!

Artist: Andrea Monzoni

100% recycled textured paper

Product Details:

  • 4 x 6 inches
  • 100% recycled textured paper
  • Hand Painted
  • Printed PostCard

Materials: 100% recycled textured paper


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