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Large Wax Melt Bar – Hazelnut Espresso

Warm up with this comforting coffee-inspired wax melt. Have your home filled with swirls of hazelnut and coffee fragrance softly floating through the air. Everyone will want to know what you are burning. One of our most popular scents!

Fragrance Notes: Robust coffee with notes of vanilla, hazelnut, and cinnamon. 

Product Details:

· 100% natural soy wax
· natural soy wax melt
· paraben & phthalate-free
· infused with coffee beans
· large 24 square wax melt bar
· burn time: 50+ hours

Please note all-natural soy wax is prone to frosting. Which looks like a white frost on the wax. However, this does not affect the fragrance load or function of the product.


- Breakaway 1-2 cubes and place into a wax warmer

- Can be used in electric or tealight warmer



- Do not melt on the stovetop

- NOT to be used on the body

- Wax is not edible

- Keep away from children, pets as wax becomes hot