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Wickless Candle – Japanese Cherry Blossom 

A wickless candle is a natural air freshener made with super saturated soy wax that does not require any heat, light, or flame and will continuously fragrance up to a 100 square foot room for 15 weeks or longer! A safe and worry-free alternative to a traditional candle.

Simply open the tin and place the wickless candle in any 100 square foot room. Perfect for linen closets, dresser drawers, cars, and bathrooms. 

Product Details:
· 100% All-Natural Soy Wax 
· Phthalate-Free & Paraben-Free Scents
· Reusable metal tin
· 1.75oz  

Please note all-natural soy wax is prone to frosting. Which looks like a white frost on the wax. However, this does not affect the fragrance load or function of the product.