Source Stones | PRISMA FLOWER

Prisma flower has a matte Black base, with the Flower of Life pattern outlined in tiny dots of 3 different shades of Dragonfly, and the petals are filled in with Full Spectrum Dragonfly, giving this stone an almost surreal sheen of colour. Various shapes and dots are applied in Gloss Black and two different shade-shifting paints, creating tactile details that compliment the design.  In different lighting, and at different angles, the stone reveals its magical secrets. It makes an elegant decor piece, suitable for use in ceremonies as well.

Product Details:
  • 3" diameter
  • 1.25" high
  • 0.25" felt pad on base
  • smooth finish with tactile details
  • shade-shifting

Materials: UltraCal 30 cement, acrylic paints, felt pad on base

Product Care: Indoor use only. Clean with soft dry cloth. Do not use water or chemical cleaners on surface.


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