Source Stones | SORCERER STONE

This stone has a matte Black base, with a Circle of Life design outlined in tiny dots of Gold and Pearl white. The spaces are filled with various colours of Dragonfly...this is where the magic happens! it may at first appear subtle, however this stone changes appearances in different kinds of light, at various angles.The areas that sometimes appear to be light grey are actually filled with Full-Spectrum Dragonfly, containing all the colours of the rainbow. The stone feels smooth overall. A very special piece of elegant decor, created with painstaking attention to detail.

Product Details:
  • 3" diameter
  • 1.25" high
  • 0.25" x 1.75" felt pad on base
  • smooth to the touch
  • changes appearance under different lighting / angles
Materials: UltraCal 30 cement, acrylic paints, felt pad on base

Product Care: Indoor use only. Clean with soft, dry cloth.  Do not clean with water or chemical cleaners.


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