Terra & Aura | Amethyst Geometric Celestial Brass Earrings

Amethyst: Tranquility | Intuition | Peace

Adorn your ears with a touch of boho sparkle and magic with these celestial statement earrings.  This design features amethyst gemstones enhanced with brass geometric shapes, moon and star motifs.

Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone that acts as a natural stress reliever. It cultivates tranquility, calms the mind and promotes restful sleep. It purifies the aura of any negative energy and dispels fear, depression and anxiety. Amethyst is known to enhance intuition, wisdom and inspire spiritual growth.

Product Details:
  • gold plated stainless steel earring hooks
  • hypoallergenic and nickel-free
  • raw brass components
  • natural amethyst crystals
  • drop length:  8.1 cm

Due to the natural variance of crystals each earring pair is unique and may not appear exactly as pictured.  Each crystal may vary slightly in size, shape and colour.

Jewelry Care: 
To keep brass jewelry looking its best, remove jewelry before bathing, exercising or swimming to prevent premature tarnishing. Apply cosmetics and lotions before wearing. Keep away from humidity in a closed storage when not in use.


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