Terrariums by Sylvaine/Terra & Aura | Geometric Brass Himmeli Air Plant Holder with Blue Agate and Clear Quartz

  • Blue Agate: Stability | Harmony | Balance

    Clear Quartz:  Amplifies Energy | Wisdom | Clarity

    Add a touch of sparkle and living greenery to any space with this geometric himmeli crystal and air plant holder.  Air plants are easy-care, air purifying plants that do not require soil to grow.  Himmelis are a unique way to display air plants and make a perfect gift for anyone!  

    This design from the Agate & Gems Collection features a blue druzy agate slice and clear quartz gemstone, each known to have beneficial healing properties.

    Each himmeli is handcrafted with love and intention to bring the receiver supportive energy and plant positivity.

    Product Details: 
    · himmeli dimensions: 4.5” x 1.6” x 1.6”
    · total length with chain and hanging hook: 18.5”
    · live air plant included (assorted variety)
    · care instructions provided
    · crystal properties card included


  • Due to natural variance of live plants and crystals each himmeli is unique and may not appear exactly as pictured. Each agate slice will vary in size, shape and colour. Air plant species may vary subject to availability.

    Time Guarantee for Pick-up: 7-10 days 

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  • I'm Sylvaine, the plant-loving maker behind sister brands Terrariums by Sylvaine and Terra & Aura.

    I started collecting and propagating succulents as a therapeutic outlet 3 years ago. As my collection grew, I wanted to find a unique and elegant way to display succulents together which ignited my passion for terrarium making, and Terrariums by Sylvaine was born. I enjoy creating one of a kind living succulent art pieces that allow people to connect with the beauty of nature indoors. I love drawing design inspiration from natural surroundings and specialize in combining geometric shapes with succulents and crystals into miniature botanical landscapes.

    Recently, I’ve been working on growing my brand by bringing my love for geometric shapes and crystals into a brand new line of air plant decor, Terra & Aura, inspired by the traditional art of himmeli making. Himmeli is a traditional Finnish ornament, originating from the Swedish word himmel, meaning sky or heaven. They are loved for their simple yet striking geometry and make a perfect display to showcase air plants, complementing their lightness and delicate beauty.

    Thank you for following along on my maker journey. I hope my living creations will bring you a daily dose of joy and plant positivity!

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    Have a question? Contact sylvainechang@gmail.com

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