Our Reiki infused Spirit Element Candle will take you on a magical journey as the exquisitely complex aroma of luminous pink peppercorn mingles with lush notes of warm resinous myrrh, patchouli, bergamot and delicious vanilla.


As you burn this candle, you surround yourself in the divine energy of Scolecite and the healing energy of Reiki while connecting yourself to the Spirit Element.


To say "Thank you" to Mother Earth for the crystals she provides for us, one tree is planted with every purchase.


Crystal: Scolecite

Scolecite represents all four elements. It has a high vibration and is a strong stone to aid in communication with the spirit. Scolecite can help you feel calm and relaxed. Placing Scolecite under your pillow can assist in a restful sleep.


Spirit Element:

Spirit represents joy, union, transcendence, transformation and change. It provides space, connection and balance for all elements to exist.


16oz only:

Clear Quartz is also hidden inside to amplify the energy of your candle.



One tree planted with every purchase

Reiki Infused by a Reiki Master

Energy enhancing crystal inside

Recyclable Jar & Packaging

Cotton Wick

Handmade & Hand poured

Made in Canada

Cruelty Free

Soy Wax Blend

Premium Phthalate Free Fragrance oils