Our Reiki infused Wellness Chakra Candle is the juicy, lively scent of ripe summer oranges.
This upbeat & cheerful scent of citrus paired with the aromatic notes of frankincense is sure to boost any mood.


As you burn this candle, you surround yourself in the creative energy of Carnelian and the healing energy of Reiki while activating Svadhisthana - your sacral chakra.


This energy helps to boost your creativity, enhance your sexuality and increase your confidence.


To say "Thank you" to Mother Earth for the crystals she provides for us, one tree is planted with every purchase.




Chakra: Sacral
Chakra Location: Below Naval

Creativity, Sexuality, Desires


Crystal: Carnelian

Carnelian promotes courage and vitality.  It empowers you to fearlessly take action towards your goals while boosting your energy.


16oz only:

Clear Quartz is also hidden inside to amplify the energy of your candle.



One tree planted with every purchase

Reiki Infused by a Reiki Master

Energy enhancing crystal inside

Recyclable Jar & Packaging

Cotton Wick

Handmade & Hand poured

Made in Canada

Cruelty Free

Soy Wax Blend

Premium Phthalate Free Fragrance oils