A unique and genuine gemstone bracelet in size MEDIUM (wrist size 6-7"). Please read the brief description of each bracelet below before deciding which stones call to you. Each bracelet is unique and holds its own set of healing properties. The perfect gift to yourself and others. Detailed gemstone meaning cards are included. Due to the unique nature of gemstones, the bracelet you receive may vary slightly in colour and markings than the one pictured.

Size small and large bracelets can be found in separate listings. 

Product Details:

  • RAINBOW FLUORITE: enhances concentration and mental clarity. Ideal for overcoming procrastination and enhancing self discipline. Improves memory retention and willpower.
  • ROSE QUARTZ: the stone of love. Promotes self love and love, understanding, forgiveness and harmony in relationships of all kids.
  • CHALCEDONY AND CHRYSOCOLLA: Transforms negative thoughts to feelings of joy and happiness. Promotes generosity and compassion. Enhances romantic relationships and communication with others.
  • DALMATIAN JASPER: harmonizes emotions and encourages loyalty to both oneself and others.
  • PYRITE: a stone of manifestation that attracts abundance and prosperity. Vibrations of strength, willpower, protection, creativity and motivation.
  • SELENITE AND OPAL: purifies and cleanses the aura, protecting one from negative influences. Stones of love, passion, clarity and spiritual insight.
  • BLACK ONYX: Absorbs and transforms negative energy and transforms it into positive energy. Encourages self discipline and goal setting/achieving.
  • AMBER: Promotes a positive mental attitude and helps alleviate feelings of depression.
  • LEPIDOLITE, AMETHYST, LAVA STONE: a natural stress reliever, designed to help eliminate feelings of anxiety and depression. 

  • ANGEL AURA: a very high vibration stone that has the ability to expand one’s consciousness. Cleans and heals the heart, releasing feelings of grief and anger.

  • ROSE QUARTZ AND WHITE HOWLITE: feelings of calm, self love and forgiveness towards yourself and others.

  • IMPRESSION JASPER: tranquility, peace, bonding and encouragement. Balances yang/yin energies and aligns the mind, body and soul.

  • ZEBRA JASPER: a gentle stone that brings emotional balance, stability and contentment. Alleviates tension, anxiety and stress.


Materials:gemstone beads, durable and stretchy elastic

Product Care:avoid sleeping over, showering with and over stretching the bracelet


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