The Salvage Life | Trio of Lath Hearts

  • This trio of lath hearts is the perfect gift for someone with a special three - 3 grandchildren, 3 siblings, 3 pets or maybe a 3rd anniversary. It is made from salvaged lath from century homes and has amazing texture and beautiful wood tones.

    Available: Online

    Product Details:
    · 9"w x 15"h x 1"d
    · natural reclaimed wood
    · rustic farmhouse decor
    · comes ready to hang with sawtooth hanger

    Time Guarantee for Pick-up: 2-4 days 

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  • Hi, I'm Joce, a passionate woodworker, DIYer and lover of all things salvage. I make rustic, one of a kind pieces out of reclaimed wood and love to find new purpose for old things.

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    Time Guarantee for Pick-up:  2-4 days

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