Knotted Intentions | The Serenity Mala Collection

  • Stunning hand-knotted mala necklaces. Every necklace is made in Durham Region using the most beautiful gemstones which are believed to assist the wearer in manifesting desires and intentions.

    Product Details:

    · 108 beads
    · Hand-knotted
    · Gemstones
    · Handmade silk tassel

    Finished product may not be exactly as pictured. For example, the stones may be in slightly different order, number, colouring, clarity.

    Time Guarantee for Pick-up: 7-10 days

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  • I’m Steph, intermediate teacher, and mama to two active and adventurous toddler boys. I started Knotted Intentions while on mat leave as my creative and mindfulness outlet. I adore creating pieces that are meaningful and powerful for each wearer. My pieces are made with an abundance of love, openness and intention.

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  • Pickups:
    The Maker's Hub
    1200 Phillip Murray Ave. Unit #5 Oshawa

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    Time Guarantee for Pick-up:
    7-10 days

    Maker's Return/Exchange Policy:
    All sales are final. Each piece is hand-knotted and cannot be undone, changed or fixed. Thank you for your understanding.

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