The Wayward Gent | Bramble Rimmi

Infuse your alcohol to make creative and unique cocktails with Wayward Gent!

Each item is made with in-house freeze dried items making it able to be a one of a kind cocktail to impress yourself and your guests with!  

Product Details: HOW TO USE
  • Choose Mate Rimmi and coordinating drink to make after
  • rim glass with citrus, honey or if using water very little as it will dissolve the Rimmi faster with water.
  • pour some Rimmi into a shallow dish and dip the glass into it coating the edge with desired amount.
  • flip glass back over 
  • Make cocktail or beverage
  • Enjoy with good company and drink responsibly!
  • rims approx 15-16 glasses 
Ingredients:Blackberry, raspberry, sugar
Materials: freeze dried edible ingredients, glass jar or food safe sachet
Product Care: cool dry place 

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