Twisted Artistree | Silver tone wire bonsai with fluorite and sodalite

A delicate silver tone wire tree with multi-coloured fluorite chip stone beads in soft greens, blues and purples sits atop a stunning piece of raw sodalite and white stones in a neutral grey bowl, allowing this graceful tree to be the centerpiece it deserves to be! Each Twisted Artistree tree is carefully hand-made and truly one of a kind! 
Sodalite is purported to enhance communication, intuition and truth. It boosts confidence and helps you to overcome negative thinking and increases mental clarity - the perfect stone to accent your meditation space! 
Fluorite is a touted as a spiritual detoxifier and can help to transform negative energy into positive energy. Like sodalite, it also boosts mental clarity and additionally, promotes peace of mind. Say it with me "Ooooommmmm" 
Let the calming presence of this unique peace enhance your home or that of a loved one. 

Product Details:
  • silver tone wire bonsai tree
  • polished fluorite chip stone beads
  • raw sodalite feature stone
  • handmade in Durham Region
  • approx 5.5" tall
Materials: Tarnish resistant silver finish copper beading wire, polished fluorite chip stone beads, raw natural sodalite mineral stone, white gravel, floral foam, ceramic ramekin

Product Care: 
Handle with care. May have sharp bits. When picking up, handle only by the base/pot, not the branches. If the tree requires shaping, you may use tweezers or needle nosed pliers. Gloves recommended.


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