Vendor Expectations & Agreement

We promise that our virtual marketplace will be well curated, organized and truly community centered.

We will provide a content calendar, including, but not limited to; product and collection posts, maker spotlights, shout outs, collaborations, promos, giveaways and more.

Our dedicated admin team will be there to support you.

Registered vendors have the option to use our online Boutique for checkout. This is not mandatory. Sellers can use their own e-commerce checkout.

    -----Vendor Region-----

    Ontario residents only

    -----MEMBER FEES------

    Our FB virtual vendor basic cost of entry starts at $20 monthly.

    Fees cover admin, maker support, and marketing efforts.

    Commission 12% +$.30/trans (only if selling through our site).


    • 3 month term commitment
    • Basic plan only holders are required to provide 48 hrs notice following their 3 month term.
    • Tier 2 plan holders are required to provide 14 days notice  to close accounts following their 3 month term. 
    • The Maker's Hub reserves the right to remove members at any time due to breach of agreement or other non agreeable circumstance.
    • Vendor fees are non-refundable.

    -----PICKUP SERVICE & FEES------

    All pickups through the shopping group must be at The Maker's Hub. If you are not local to TMH, you may offer shipping. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by The Maker's Hub.

    Pickup fees are not included. Credits can be purchased in bulk at a discount and start at only $1.60/pickup. They can also be purchased singularly for $2/each.

    1 Pickup Credit
    $1.60 - $2/pickup

    - 1 month storage
    - pickup notification to customer
    - customer pickup reminders @ 15, 28, 45 days
    - status tracking

    Porch pickup and meet ups to exchange are prohibited in our shopping group.


    All vendors are welcome to offer shipping directly to customers.


    Delivery can be offered if using a third party courier service.


    Turnaround expectations are 10-14 days or less. During the peak shopping season, 3 weeks is considered reasonable if required. Vendor turnaround time guarantees are to be communicated clearly in the listing. A template will be provided.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    • vendors are required to have a Facebook business page
    • new vendors must invite a minimum of 25 new members to the shopping group
    • each vendor is responsible for setting up and maintaining their own shopping album in the FB shopping group
    • vendors expected to engage in all tagged posts, share features and respond in a timely manner to comments on their own album and listings
    • if selling through TMH's website, payouts are monthly, by direct deposit on the first Friday of the month. Unless the 1st falls on a Thursday or Friday. Under this circumstance pay outs will be the 2nd Friday of the month.
    • vendors expected to process sales professionally and timely manner

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    We believe in;
    • being a resource
    • inclusion & diversity
    • knowledge sharing
    • fostering healthy competition
    • respect for other bosses
    • actions speak louder than words
    • creating a safe/supportive place for vendors to grow and connect
    If there are any situations that require clarity on the above bullets in either group, we encourage figuring it out on your own first, but admin will gladly be involved to ensure we're all playing on the same team.