Blazing Bombs | Shower Steamers (4pk)

If you're not a bath person, or just don't have the time, shower steamers are the product for you!

Our shower steamers are made with essential oils and each pack has their own unique benefits.

(Calm Down) Lavender: Said to help enhance relaxation, sleep, headache or migraine symptoms.

(Sinus Relief) Eucalyptus: May aid in clearing sinuses, cold related congestion, and headaches.

(Energize) Lemon, Orange, Lime: Reported to aid in increasing engergy and mood.

Size: 4 pack x 2.2oz | 62g

Directions: (For use in the shower): Place the puck by your toes (where the water hits the floor) and, as it dissolves, the steam from the shower will carry the essential oil from your toes to your nose!

1 Shower Steamer per shower.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Essential Oil, Essential Oil. 

Disclaimer: *Shower Steamers cannot be used as a "bath bomb substitute". Shower steamers are specifically designed for shower use only and contain a high concentration of essential oils that would cause skin irritation if used improperly


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