• Dark Horse Designs | Copper Rings 6MM Stone | 359-3000

    A simple and elegant solitaire design.
    Each one is handmade using raw copper wire and a 6mm gemstone bead.

    Product Details:
    Made with raw untreated copper wire
    Copper oxidizes over time with exposure to air and water
    Copper helps with blood circulation and promotes joint health in the body.

    Materials: Copper Wire, Gemstone Bead (6mm)
    Product Care: Can be worn in water - no need to take off when showering or washing hands - just make sure to dry sufficiently. Should not sit in water for long periods of time. Copper will oxidize. Polish with a felt cloth, if needed. The more you wear it, the shinier it will be.
    Semi-precious birthstones:
    JAN - Quartz
    FEB - Amethyst
    MAR - Bloodstone
    APR - Rose Quartz
    MAY - Agate
    JUN - Tigereye
    JUL - Moonstone
    AUG - Carnelian
    SEP - Aventurine
    OCT - Jade
    NOV - Citrine
    DEC - Turquoise