Emma Gerard | Glass Apple Bookmarks

The perfect little gift for the bookworm in your life. These handmade glass apple bookmarks fit nicely into your favourite book. Each apple is individually sculpted out of glass at the torch, because of the one of a kind nature of the process each apple will have its own personality.

Product Details:
  • 12.5 cm long
  • nickel plated bookmark
  • flamework glass apple 

Materials: Nickel plated metal, glass

Product Care: Please use caution while using as the apple is glass and can get damaged if dropped. 


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All of Emma's jewellery is completely hand-sculpted and handmade. They start with coloured rods of glass that are the thickness of a pencil and melt them at a small oxygen-propane torch using heat, gravity and a few of their favourite metal sculpting tools to sculpt the glass into the desired shape without the use of moulds. It is important to them that everything they make is truly handmade as this is not only more fun for them as an artist, but it means that every piece they make for their customers is unique and one of a kind. Creating their jewellery pieces in this way makes sculpture and fine craft more accessible to the average person and also loved by their loyal following

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