Garden Giftmaker | Book Break Clay Gnome

Book Break enjoys a quiet moment with a hot cup of coffee and her favourite book. She is a hand-sculpted and painted clay gnome, with black hair, wearing a lavender shimmer and white outfit. Book Break is sitting on top of a blue book with a cream coloured coffee mug decorated with rose-gold flowers. She will add a little enchantment to a favourite plant or lovely spot.

Product Details:
  • Size: 5.2cm(2.1")H x 4cm(1.6")W, total height including the plant stick is 11cm(4.3")
  • Colour: black, lavender, white, blue, cream, rose-gold and yellow
  • Created with a small hole in the bottom and an included removable plant stick
Materials:air dry clay, craft paint, Mod Podge, Gorilla Glue, and wooden stick

Product Care:Indoor use only


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