White Lotus Gems | 4mm Gemstone Bracelets with 18kt Gold Plated Heart

A little reminder that you are LOVED with these 4mm crystal bracelets accented with 18kt gold plated heart.

Product Details:

  • 18kt gold plated heart accent
  • Available in 4 different gemstones:
  • Moonstone known for clarity, new beginnings and calm
  • Lapis Lazuli known for truth, wisdom and peace
  • Black Onyx known for strength, protection and grounding
  • Pink Opal known for calmness, compassion and healing
  • Bracelet size 7”
  • Each bracelet is thoughtfully strung together with intention and tied with a secured knot nicely hidden
  • Each stone is 100% natural and unique. We try our very best to photograph as accurately as possible.  The one you receive may appear slightly different than the one pictured.
  • Crystal bracelets are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent physical or mental aliments. Use them in good health, but never as a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Please always consult your Health Care Professional for any health issues.

Materials:4mm gemstones, high quality stretch elastic, 18kt gold plated heart accent

Product Care:avoid contact with lotion, perfume, water and sanitizer, remove before bathing, roll bracelet gently onto and off your wrist. Please follow care card in photo.


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