• Wilk Watchworks | Lacewood Recherche 41mm

    This quartz wristwatch has a stainless steel case with a lacewood dial. Designed and assembled by hand in our workshop in Toronto.

    Product Details:
    • 41mm diameter
    • Stainless steel case case
    • Lacewood Wood Dial
    • Quartz movement with approximate 3.5 year battery life
    • Luminous(Glow in the dark) hands
    • 5 ATM water resistance
    • 2 year warranty(please visit for warranty details)
    Materials: Stainless Steel, leather

    Product Care:
    If the exterior of your watch has become dirty, the best way to clean it is with a clean, soft, damp cloth. Do not run it under water or try to clean it with an old toothbrush as this can compromise the water resistance qualities of the watch. Also, do not use any commercial cleaning products as this can damage the seals and gaskets inside your watch. Perfumes and cosmetics can also have an adverse effect on the seals, gaskets and metals of your timepiece. If your watch does become heavily soiled, we do offer a cleaning and refurbishing service to restore your watch to a condition that is almost "as good as new."

    Battery Changes
    If you do own a quartz or battery operated watch, take care to get the battery changed very soon after it expires. Leaving a dead battery in your watch for extended periods of time can cause extensive damage to your watch as the battery  will almost certainly leak it's corrosive material in the case.


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