My Bow Chic | Baby Flower Crown

Add a touch of natural beauty to your hair with our handmade Cherry Blossom Crowns. These adorable micro flowers are approximately 1.7" big and are perfect for adding a pop of color to any hairstyle. The nylon band features three adjustable blossoms, so you can customize the fit to perfectly suit your style. These crowns are the perfect accessory for any special occasion or everyday wear. Embrace the beauty of spring all year round with our Cherry Blossom Crowns.

Product Details:
  • micro in size, approximately 1.5"
  • soft stretchy nylon band
  • flowers are adjustable to make a cluster of flowers or spread them out 
Materials: Bullet fabric, nylon band

Product Care: Hand wash only with a gentle detergent when necessary. Stain removers can be used if needed, but do not use bleach to avoid color fading or blotching


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