Solution Consulting for Makers

My consulting service is for makers who want to tap into my vast real-life experience and knowledge of running a handmade business.

It can be branding to pricing, clarity to websites, social media to copyright (and so much more). If you’re looking for help and need solutions for your handmade business, this service is for you!

If you haven't already filled out the intake form and booked our one-on-one session, you need to start there. Here's the link.

30 minute Discovery
This is where I review your intake form, study your business platforms, and make notes..

1 week of Contemplation and Research
I will keep your business front of mind. Brainstorming ideas, researching solutions, creating pros/cons lists, and preparing for our one-on-one.

45 minute One-On-One
We will meet either through Zoom or over the phone. This time will is to discuss my ideas/solutions, allow for questions, and a discussion.

Delivery of recommended solutions by email.